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Prototype design

We design prototypes to evaluate their functionality and usability in the market. We simulate and test in different scenarios.
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Value creation

We add value attributes that attracts interest of markets and investors. We incorporate features aimed for end clients.
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Intellectual property

We design an appropriability strategy for market value. We avoid the risks associated with copying, imitation and / or drainage of intellectual capital.
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Developmental research

Through collaboration agreements, we make our infrastructure available to meet the R & D needs of SMEs and independent researchers.
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Strategic council

We develop a plan of priorities to manage and optimize the resources of your organization. We monitor projects and offer legal advice in private law.

What is a prototype´s laboratory?


A prototype´s laboratory is a physical space that has the necessary equipment to measure, design and / or test products or processes in preliminary phase of development. The objective of the laboratory is to provide the infrastructure for prototypes for the demonstration of their functionality. However, proving that "something works" does not mean that it will be adopted by a group of users.


The second phase of prototype design often involves conducting utility tests. This means, designing several additional prototypes to explore the interest of users to adopt it. Preliminarily, the designers run these tests. On other occasions panels of experts are consulted to study the perception of the market. In any case, the prototype design depends on the nature of the object to be evaluated.